Death Rides A Pale Horse (On Your Desk) With This SOTA Statue

State of the Art Toys announces their upcoming "Darksiders II" statue featuring Death astride his mighty steed, Despair.

While Death and his bird Dust are the focus of a hefty statue by way of premium statue maker TriForce in the second quarter of next year, State of the Art Toys will be getting the jump on them with their own statue featuring Death and his phantom horse, Despair.

"I guess another 12" statue is cool," I can hear you muttering to yourselves, but then you see that SOTA's statue has this action going for it:

From the press release:

Death, astride Despair amid the shattered landscape of the apocalypse. Death and Despair are lit by the unearthly flames that emanate from Despairs ethereal body. High intensity LEDs light the mane, tail and wind-buffeted hooves of Despair as he carries Death to their next ordeal.

"Death and Despair" is available for preorder now and will be out in February of next year.

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