EA Pulls 'FIFA' Ultimate Team Offline

By Joseph Leray

EA Sports has pulled FIFA 13’s popular Ultimate Team mode offline, while it “works to resolve an issue,” according to a post on the game’s forum by a community manager.

“FUT 13 online gameplay, trading, store purchasing, the Webb App, and the mobile companion app will be unavailable during this time,” the post reads.

Ultimate Team is a card-based mode in which players build up a virtual soccer team. Winning games allows you to open up packs of random players, which you can use to improve your squad. Player cards can be traded online or sold at auction for in-game currency.

The mode has been down since yesterday, and there’s no timetable available for bringing it back online. EA hasn’t specified what types of issues are being worked on, but it seems to be related to Ultimate Team’s online auctions.

Earlier this year, the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 12 was the target of a hacking scam based on using compromised Windows Live IDs to break into users’ Xbox Live accounts, buy large numbers of Ultimate Team packs, and then re-sell them to FIFA players for real-world cash. The worldwide popularity of the game makes it a fertile ground for re-selling the fraudulent items, as the game’s meta-economy is popular and thriving.

[EA Forums via Polygon]

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