Nintendo Details Wii U Panorama View And Google Maps

Nintendo has been showing off Panorama View since E3, but more details were shed on the software during a recent Nintendo Direct. We also learned that Google Maps is head Wii U, bringing with it the 360 degree sights of Google's Street View.

Panorama View, as it's so cleverly called, will deliver videos that allow you to experience things you typically don't get the chance to in everyday life. Looking at the GamePad, you could be taking a bus tour through London one minute, then transported to Kyoto for a rickshaw ride the next. All of the videos will let you pan 360 degrees to view the virtual world around you. The one downside is that Panorama View will be paid software when it hits the eShop in Spring 2013. Thankfully, Nintendo is preparing a free preview download so we can check it out before we decide to spend any money on it.

Next it was revealed that Google Maps is coming to Wii U via an eShop download. Google's Street View will work on the GamePad in much the same way as Panorama View, letting users go to a certain place on the map and view the area in 360 degrees. Users will also be able to virtually walk around, exploring the surrounding areas and can even take advantage of the recent Google Ocean project, taking a virtually dive into the sea. Google Maps will be available in the eShop beginning in the first quarter of 2013.

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