Nintendo Details Two Mini-Games From 'Game & Wario' For Wii U

Wednesday's Nintendo Direct didn't reveal anything too surprising, but we did get some details on the upcoming "Game & Wario" for Wii U. Players will have 16 mini-games "full of Wario's random humor" to choose from and all of the games take advantage of the Wii U's dual-screen capabilities.

The first mini-game Nintendo showed off was Gamer, which will have players competing in fast action challenges “reminiscent of the original WarioWare series.” Games are played on the Wii U gamepad, but players will also want to play close attention to the TV. This is where other people come in, able to warn you of things if you're paying too much attention to the GamePad.

Next up was Fruit, which is designed for 2-5 players. One person uses the Wii U GamePad to control a thief, while the other players try to point them out in a crowd on the TV, without using a controller. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata jumped in to give us a demo of this game, which you can watch in the video below... See if you can figure it out.

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