'Pikmin 3' Headed To Wii U In Second Quarter Of 2013

Nintendo's launch window for Wii U games was left pretty wide open, extending all the way through March 2013. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's enough time for the team behind "Pikmin 3" to get things squared away. The game's release date has been pushed to the second quarter of 2013.

The news came during Wednesday's North American Nintendo Direct broadcast. Nintendo shared a nice gameplay video, giving us a feel for how the will look and play, but details beyond that were left under wraps. Thankfully, Nintendo said we can expect more information on the third entry in the series as we move closer to the game's launch.

All we really know about "Pikmin 3" right now, aside from the fact that it looks pretty darn good in HD, is that there will be two new types of Pikmin joining the ranks. One is the Rock Pikmin, which will be used to break through tougher barriers. The other, a pink Pikmin, was only spotted in a demo and we really don't know what will separate it from the others.

The second quarter release pushes the title closer to an April, May or June launch day and we're hoping to hear much more by then. Stay tuned!

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