Create The Ultimate Vacation Destination With Zynga's 'CoasterVille'

Rolling out today is the next installment of Zynga's super addicitive suite of Facebook games, "CoasterVille". Created by the talented team at their LA studios, the developers behind "Empires & Allies"; they now want to tackle the thrilling themepark simulation market. As if it was hard to guess based on other titles like "FarmVille" and "CityVille", "CoasterVille" will have you building, customizing, and expanding your very own themepark and sharing them with your friends.

Zynga wants you to treat "CoasterVille" as a "canvas of expression" and gives you all the tools and more to make your themepark dreams come true. You'll have access to a variety of basic themes, such as Fantasy Kingdom, Frontier, and Lost Jungle, along with a generous supply of coins and a small plot of land to get your themepark up and running. You'll be able to set up the layout and customize how the land looks with a host of movable setpieces. The basic game centers around keeping your guests cheerful and happy, achieved with a smart park layout filled with foodstands, hotels, restrooms and, of course, awesomely fun rides, like carousels, tea cups, and coasters. And remember, happy fans are paying fans- so keep them entertained. Really, the only limit is your imagination as there's plenty of neat additions available and you can even restructure your park on the fly!

Creating a rollercoaster is literally a click away. Simply choose you favorite theme and choose from huge selection of prefab coaster parts, like loops, hills, corkscrews, and much more. Just drop them whever you want and build anything from a simple straight track to labyrinthian maze of  twists and turns. If you ever get bored or simply want to shake things up, then tear down,  replace, or improve your track any time. Suddenly get the urge to build a massive themepark encompasing coaster? Go for it!

In addition to rides, every themepark worth its price of admission has an iconic attraction that distinguishes it from the rest. As you grow in popularity and the park gains fame you'll bulld a monument as a testament to your rollercoaster greatness. The monument eventually gets bigger and bigger so keep those guests happy!

Another neat feature steps out from the themepark. After mastering your coasters, rides, attractions and earning enough income you can create the supreme vacation destination! You can add boardwalk games, surf shops, and resort hotels for all your devoted thrillseeking fans to have even more fun. It's a really cool idea that adds a lot for dedicated players and will add tons more gameplay after you've built your dreampark.

The minds at Zynga seem to have a knack for tapping into that Pavlovian need build unique worlds full of charm and "CoasterVille" should be more than welcome for current fans and new ones alike.

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