First 'Resident Evil 6' DLC, Title Update Incoming This Month

It's been a couple of months since Capcom announced that they would be addressing player concerns about some of the technical issues in "Resident Evil 6," promising a title update that would include, among other things, multiple camera options for the third-person horror action game. Well, those fixes are incoming on December 17th as "Resident Evil 6" gets a title update, followed by the release of three exclusive multiplayer modes the very next day for the Xbox 360 as DLC.

The title update adds multiple camera distances for the game, allowing players to pull back from the sometimes claustrophobic angles that "RE 6" originally shipped with. Additionally, if you were disappointed in the lack of subtitles for the English-language track, Capcom's got you covered there along with the new "No Hope Left" difficulty level. Finally, the locked Ada Wong campaign will be available even if you haven't completed the other three campaigns, plus she's getting co-op.

The three new multiplayer modes, available on December 18th, are Predator, Survivor, and Onslaught. Predator is a two to six player mode where one player takes on the role of the night invulnerable Ustanak tasked with wiping out all of the human players. In the solo and team-based Survivor, when you die, you'll return as one of the game's bioweapons--kill a human player and you get to come back as a human. Finally, Onslaught is a wave-based mode for two players competing for the highest score killing incoming enemies, where chaining kills will send enemies over to your opponent's screen a la "Puzzle Fighter."

Each new mode will be available for 320 MS Points (or as a bundle for 720 Points).

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