Tale of Tales reveal new project, 'Bientôt l’été'

By Joseph Leray

Tale of Tales, the controversial team behind digital curios like The Path and The Graveyard, are developing a new game called Bientôt l’été.

There’s not much concrete information about the Bientôt l’été, but it’s a dreamlike, abstract game about love (and beaches, cigarettes, and chess, apparently). It might best described as exploration game. The team’s development blog makes it clear that the project owes a lot to New Wave filmmaker Marguerite Duras, and much of the voice acting is in French as well.According to the game’s website, a single-player simulation will be available, but Rock, Paper, Shotgun makes it clear that an internet connection will be needed to get the most of out of the game’s two-player conversation systems. This isn’t the first project to use multiplayer narrative mechanics – I’m reminded of Jason Rohrer’s Sleep is Death, for example.

Other experimental games like Dear Esther and Night Journey seem to round out Tale of Tales’ touchstones, as each game heavily features quiet exploration and discovery.

These types of art-games remain divisive in the games community, but if your curiosity is piqued, Tale of Tales hopes to release their latest on December 10.

[Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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