The 'Sound Shapes' Music Shop Launches Today With First Piece of Free Content

It's all part of unleashing the game's Composing Tools DLC for the Vita rhythm platformer, with four pieces of DLC out now for $0.99 each and one available gratis.

Three of the new pieces of content will provide new sounds for would-be level creators, with the fourth adding some new environmental elements to Queasy Games' title. The Acoustic Sounds Pack, Drum Kits Sounds Pack, and 8-Bit Sounds Pack will bring new instrumentation to "Sound Shapes" at $0.99 a pop, while the Curved Terrain Pack is a free download bringing some bendy-stretchy elements to new terrains you might plan on creating.

On the PlayStation Blog, Sony also announced that some of the 15,000 user-generated levels would be getting collected as part of the Community Milkcrate, launching this month. The levels will be bundled according to mood or musical style and we can expect to see levels from game industry professionals and musicians sometime next year (along with more DLC).

The Composing Tools are available now on PSN and via the "Sound Shapes" in-game e-shop.

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