'Pid' Devs Quell The Masses With 'Easy Mode' Patch

By Jospeh Leray

Swedish design team Might & Delight, veterans of GRIN's Bionic Commando: Rearmed, announced today they will be patching an easy mode into Pid.

Pid is a whimsical, melancholy sci-fi puzzle-platformer, and Might & Delight's first game. It's about an young boy named Kurt who becomes stranded on a strange planet and must find his way home. It's got a killer art design and soundtrack, but reviewers found the game unnecessarily difficult. Joystiq called the game "frustrating," and Paste Magazine found the controls sluggish and the platforming sections "rote" and "tired."

In a prepared statement, Might & Delight says it used feedback from critics and fans to create the new mode, which features shorter boss fights, fewer enemies, and redesigned levels. The patch -- which is already available on PC and Mac and should hit consoles soon -- also balances aspects of the game's normal and hard modes.

The game's been out on Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and Steam for almost a month, but Might & Delight have also released a demo, "to better represent Pid and its unique style of play."

I liked the game better than most, it seems, but there's no denying it drags in a few places. The new mode and the demo should help make the game more accessible, and good thing, too: Pid is a delicate, clever, and well-crafted game, and it'd be a shame to scare people off with a reputation as being difficult or unfair.

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