Kickstartin': You've Got Three Days Left To Support L.A. Game Space (And Get Some Games)

So a bunch of indie game developers got together to support a space for exploring game development with the denizens of L.A., and they're giving away a video game bundle if you support the effort--even if the whole shebang is well past its funding goal, the L.A. Game Space Kickstarter might be one worth checking out.

The 30-game bundle is part of the effort to support the L.A. Game Space, which, according to the campaign page, will provide "Exhibitions, Talks/Workshops, the Artist Residency, and Research Labs" all free to global users via event streaming and video archives.

The game space is the kind of collaborative, art-centered effort that gaming deserves (and we didn't really know we needed it). The aims of the Game Space make it sound like an ongoing, more egalitarian version of GDC--you don't have to pay to see the archives materials (although it sounds like there will be an admission fee to attend events), you just have to be interested in games. It's an interdisciplinary effort, meaning artists, designers, programmers, audio nuts, and so on will theoretically get something out of it when the Game Space is up and running. Contributions will go towards purchasing the location which will include speaking areas which can be used for exhibitions, residency areas for visiting gaming folk, and a research lab.

I've kicked in a few bucks of my own for the campaign, but don't consider this an endorsement. I still have some questions about their ability to deliver and deal with the ridiculous amount of overhead inherent in even non-profit efforts like this one.

The "Make LA Game Space possible—Best Game Bundle Ever for $15!" Kickstarter campaign wraps up on Friday, December 7th.

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