Steam's Big Picture Mode Officially Released, Gets A Big Sale

I've been delighted with the last few weeks of Valve's beta for Steam's TV-friendly Big Picture Mode. The interface update, which formats Steam and Steam-released games' GUI to fit big screen TVs has been--all told--a pleasant experience on my own home display (just resist the soundtrack for "Hotline Miami" thumping from your home entertainment center's speakers--try, I say!).

Today, Valve announced that today would mark the public release of Big Picture Mode, and to celebrate, they're selling a bunch of "Big Picture-Friendly games" at a discount through December 10th, with titles like "Mark of the Ninja" and the final "LEGO Harry Potter" making the list.

You can see the full list here, but some highlights: SEGA's "Hell Yeah!" ($3.74 at 75% off), "Geometry Wars" is a dollar (75% off), and you can grab "Audisurf" for $2.50 (also 75% off).

So are you picking anything up? And what do you think of Big Picture Mode so far?

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