'Prince of Persia' Creator Documents The Making Of Original 'Karateka'

Back in 1982, when developing the punishing martial arts classic "Karateka," famed designer Jordan Mechner kept a journal of his working experience. And now he's put all of those thoughts and memories together into an eBook, "The Making of Karateka."

Mechner, whose remake of "Karateka" was released on consoles in November, is dropping the DRM-free eBook in time with the Steam release of the remake developed by Liquid Entertainment. Mechner describes it as "a time-capsule record of that early Apple II era, and a window into the maniacal brain of a teenager obsessed with “breaking in” to making games and/or movies," an interesting but not unexpected direction in the chronicle of a game that had, at the time, surprisingly cinematic aspirations.

Mechner was 18 at the time of the game's release, and would likely have been primed by the tail end of the second generation of martial arts movies made in the West as Hollywood (and beyond) attempted to capitalize on the tremendous success of the Hong Kong kung fu flicks from 10 years prior.

[Source: Jordan Mechner]

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