Free-to-Play Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Landing in North America

By Joseph Leray

Square Enix and DeNa announced today that Final Fantasy Airbone Brigade, a free-to-play social game, is coming to North American Android and iOS devices, though no release date has been set.

This is far from Square’s first foray into mobile gaming – that distinction belongs to Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, an episodic sequel to Final Fantasy IV from 2008 – but it is the company’s first free-to-play offering associated with its trademark franchise.

In Airborne Brigade, players each captain their own airships, and they’ll need to squad up with others to complete missions, find items, level up, and fight bosses.

Registering at the game’s official site will net you an e-mail announcement when the game goes live, as well as a bonus character card that will allow you summon Cloud, Final Fantasy VII’s moody amnesiac hero, to help you in tough battles.

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