Cook And Becker Selling Fine Art 'Mass Effect' And 'Mirror's Edge' Prints

If you've ever wanted to hang a piece of art from "Mirror's Edge" on your wall, Danish gallery Cook & Becker have partnered up with EA to offer fine art prints from 2008's first person free running game as well as the "Mass Effect" franchise.

Both DICE and BioWare provided Cook & Becker with images for ten "Mass Effect" prints and nine for "Mirror's Edge," (technically five for the latter which has a three repeats with smaller sizes). You can see the BioWare gallery here and the DICE gallery here.

For my money, the "Mass Effect" stuff comes off a bit better, although these are pieces we've seen quite a few times before in promotional material and the "Art of Mass Effect 3" book from Dark Horse. Still, whichever image you choose, expect to cough up a little bit of money for these limited: something like the museum-quality Tali print (printed in a total run of 50 pieces) will set you back $325.

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