'The Binding Of Isaac' To Be Reborn On Consoles

In a Gamasutra postmortem, "The Binding of Isaac" creator Edmund McMillen announced that the PC hit would be making its way to consoles as "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth."

The remake would be headed our way via Nicalis, the publisher behind "Cave Story" and "VVVVVV" with a 16-bit overhaul of the original's Flash visuals.

The top-down "Rogue"-like places you in the squishy shoes of poor Isaac, an unfortunate lad who attempts escape the basement confines of his home after his religious zealot mother gets it into her head to sacrifice him. McMillen, co-creator of "Super Meat Boy," released an expansion earlier this year for "The Binding of Isaac" called "Wrath of the Lamb."

[Source(s): Gamasutra via Polygon]

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