Learn The Science Of Flying With Bill Nye And 'Aero'

That's right, the 'Science Guy' himself is going to teach you all about the beautiful mechanics behind avian flight, but first he needs a little help from you to launch this game.

As with many independent endeavors, he's turning to the popular crowd-funding tool to jumpstart this project along with developer GameDesk.

Though the project is essentially an educational tool there will be plenty of challenges and and a "full exploratory world" featuring islands and caves for hours of entertainment.

Their Kickstarter page has all the details:

Seeing a plane or bird in soar in the sky is amazing to behold. But the aerodynamics and physics behind the miracle of flight are difficult to grasp. There are several forces engaged when a bird or plane flies, and here on earth we're unable to see any of them. But never fear! Bill Nye and GameDesk have a revolutionary idea! With your help we can complete a game that teaches the physics behind flight by allowing players to literally become a bird and experience those scientific principles in their own hands. GameDesk has already developed an early prototype of the game, thanks to a partnership with Iridescent Learning and seed funding from the National Academy of Sciences and the Office of Naval Research. 

The goal is 100,000 buckaroos and they already has some support but there are only 29 more days to get this project off the ground. As with many other Kickstarters, there's a bevy of pretty sweet bonuses to big time backers. In fact, if you pony up enough money, you'll be able to name and create your own areas for the final release. They've even posited that with enough funding they'll bring "Aero" to Andriod devices and maybe even Kinect!

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