New Video Game Releases For The Week Of 11/27: Leftovers

Are you all rested up after your holiday vacation? I don't mean did you get rest during the vacation but instead, have you, in fact, recovered from being on vacation. Between the food, the sales, and then the remaining food, some of us are still trying to get our bearings back this week. Thankfully, not a lot of titles are clamoring for your attention post-Thanksgiving.

Still owe you a "Hitman: Absolution" review. I know that--I'm sorry, but that was a dang fascinating game and I'm still putting my thoughts about it together (along with the other really, really good stealth games peppered throughout 2012).

Title: "Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault"

Platform(s): PS3, PS Vita

It's a base defense "Ratchet & Clank" game is what it is. This console generation has seen a couple of titles featuring the spacefaring lombax and his robot buddy with two full-on action games, one co-op action/puzzler, and this spinoff. I had a little bit of time with "Full Frontal Assault" during its beta back in... September? And I'm into it conceptually, but my two-player experience left a bit to be desired. If there are more players to roll with during the game, I could see myself getting into it in the same way I did "Monday Night Combat."

Title: "Sonic the Fighters," "Fighting Vipers," "Virtua Fighter 2"

Platform(s): PS3, Xbox 360

This trio of AM2 games (we're talking SEGA Saturn era... ish) are on the way to PSN and XBLA this week if you're looking for a helping of old-school 3D fighters. Of these, "Sonic: The Fighters" (1996) is the only one that really slipped past my radar during its initial release. But then, it's hard to build up a lot of enthusiasm for a mascot-based fighting game that doesn't have the words "smash" and/or "brothers" in it. Fortunately, the other two were very solid fighters back in their day, and depending on their emulation might be worth checking out.

Title: "Under Defeat HD"

Platform(s): PS3

This 2005 Dreamcast release (let that date sink in) is coming out as a boxed product for the PS3. Developed on SEGA's NAOMI board, it's a top-down shmup set in an alternate history WWII battle between the Germans (here named "the Empire") and the U.S. ("the Union") in an technologically-advanced chopper. Also, you play as the Germans.

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