'Aftermath' DLC For 'Battlefield 3' Takes The Multiplayer To Quake-Ravaged Iran

The latest expansion brings four new maps, new vehicles, a new mode, and the deadly crossbow to the DICE shooter.

In its fourth DLC release, "Aftermath," "Battlefield 3" is heading back to the streets of post-earthquake Iran in what EA is describing as a "vertical and horizontal setting." I'm guessing that means some tilted buildings will be added to the mix when "Aftermath" is released this week for Premium members on the PS3 (next week for the 360 and PC) and on December 11th for everyone else on the PS3 (with the 360 and PC users able to grab the DLC a week later).

Here's what in it:

Four new maps: Looks like you'll be climbing over rubble and around overturned cars if the campaign levels in the same setting are any indication.

New weapon - the crossbow: this silent but violent weapon includes new assignments and dog tags.

Three new vehicles: Including a modified civilian transport and a new armored vehicle.

Scavenger Mode: an objective based conquest where players must brave the environment armed with only one sidearm, as they try to find more powerful weapons in an attempt to survive with their squad.

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