PlayStation All-Stars Get A 16-Bit Movie Makeover! (Update)

What if Sony's new "PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale" was a 16-bit game from the past? London based designer and illustrator Aled Lewis has the answer to that question, as he's taken it upon himself to give some of the game's characters a 16-bit makeover.

Many gamers are excited about Sony's latest and to celebrate the release of "PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale" Lewis was apparently asked by Sony to dream up three separate works showcasing characters from the brawler in memorable fighting scenes from classic films. "Rocky", "Reservoir Dogs" and "The Karate Kid" made the cut, but Lewis' love for the 16-bit era is what makes the artwork so great.

Make sure you head over to Aled Lewis' Facebook page for a look at the full size artwork and shots of the final product in massive billboard form!

Which piece do like the most? Kratos and Sackboy squaring off in Karate Kid fashion is pretty darn awesome, but we want your opinion in the comments below!

[via CVG]

In other news...

Tonight on Adult Swim, a special 60-second spot for PlayStation All-Stars will air sometime during the 10pm hour. It was was written, directed and produced by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the same production studio behind the sixth season of "Robot Chicken", and gives fans an inside look at the characters as they spend their morning in the company break room. You check out a quick sneak peek below!

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