New Video Game Releases For The Week of 11/20: I’m Late, Here Are Some Wii U Games, I Must Be Going

Perhaps you hadn’t heard, but a new console launched this week. While Jason broke down the latest machine that you put games in and found it worthy, it’s of course up to the wider gaming public to make their voices known as to whether they’re into what Nintendo’s putting out there this year.

Also: more video games are out this week that don’t involve a touchpad.

Title: “ZombiU,” “New Super Mario Bros. U,” “Epic Mickey 2,” and more…
Platform(s): Wii U

I’ve heard some grousing about the Wii U launch lineup, but it’s certainly no worse than when the PS3 or 360 launched. Of course, Nintendo didn’t deluge us with first-party support (and it’s not looking better for much of the launch window), but a handful of new third-party games and ports should tide over new Wii U gamers throughout the holiday season. I’m not saying anyone’s going to be rushing out to buy “Black Ops II” for the Wii U if they’ve already spent the last two weeks ranking up on any of the other three platforms for which it’s available, but “ZombiU” is definitely worth your time, and “Epic Mickey 2” has some interesting ideas going for it that make the game a good fit for Nintendo’s newest experimental console.

Title: “Hitman: Absolution”
Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3, PC

IO Interactive’s return to the “Hitman” franchise is good. Really good. Because of my obsessive, get-all-of-the-points play style, it’ll be Friday before I have my review ready, but know this: it’s a game where you can assassinate your target by electrifying a sheet of metal they’re about to urinate on.

Title: “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale”
Platform(s): PS Vita, PS3

I covered SuperBot’s brawler yesterday, and in the final analysis, it’s not bad, but it also doesn’t really push far enough into the kind of frantic, crazy territory where this kind of party fighter typically dwells. It would be straight up dishonest to say that there wasn’t fun to be had with “All-Stars,” at the same time, you’re constantly left with the nagging feeling that the game is incomplete in all kinds of little ways.

Also, if you’re going to make a mascot brawler that celebrates Sony’s gaming history, where’s Crash Bandicoot? Or any of the characters from Team ICO? Certainly, some kind of arrangement could have been reached with Square to get Cloud or any of the characters from “FFVII” in here.

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