MTV Multiplayer's 2012 Gift Guide: Gifts For the PS3 And Vita Gamer

A mess of Vita bundles for $199

Heading out into the Black Friday fracas this weekend? Well, if you survive it, you might be able to nab one of these discounted retailer-specific Vita bundles. While the platform has been working this year to build up an audience, it's kind of hard to turn down a cheaper handheld with free games.

Best Buy will be offering a "Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified" bundle with a copy of the shooter, a crystal white Vita, and 4 GB memory stick. Amazon and Gamestop will be offering the same bundle with "Assassin's Creed III: Liberation," while Target's version is the slightly weaker deal with the superior "LEGO Batman 2" but the standard Vita color and no extra memory.

PS3 Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset

For the high-end audio gamer with a love of bass.

Sony's pricey (but not like, Bose pricey) headphones not only provide great audio and terrific, full, just velvety sound in your ear holes, but also serve as a nice wireless gaming mic solution for your PS3. Comfortable, with great sound, and compatible with your Vita, PC, and iPod/personal media player of choice, the only snag is that the BassImpact mode has a short-ish battery life of 3 or so hours (although the headphones will continue to work powered off for quite a while after that).

Our review.

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection

I wrote at length about this set yesterday for the Xbox 360, but if you had to choose a version to get, then Capcom's PS3 release would be the one to get thanks to some extras not included in the 360 version. That includes a PSP download of "Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max," as well as PSOne Classics downloads of "Street Fighter Alpha," "Street Fighter Alpha 2," "Street Fighter Alpha 3." Plus, it includes all of the DLC for "Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition" as well as a ton of avatar items.

Our review of the 360 version of this collection.

"LittleBigPlanet Karting"

This might be just as much for yourself as for the assembled brood coming to your house this Thanksgiving and throughout the holidays.

While other families are still trying to wrangle the WiFi settings on their new Wii U, you and yours can sit down with Sony's first attempt at the kart racing game since... "Crash Bandicoot," maybe? Featuring Sackboys a plenty, and what our own Jason Cipriano felt were tight, intuitive controls, you might have an excuse to pick up some more controllers for your PS3 over the holiday weekend.

Our review.

Nyko's Power Grip

Ooh, this is the gamer in your life who complains about keeping their Vita charged.

Nyko's grip peripheral serves double duty, mimicking the feel of wing-shaped Sixaxis while also serving as a backup batter for the PlayStation Vita. It's comfortable in the hands (although it does add some weight), it's a great solution to doubling the battery life of the handheld for the gamer on the go (who might also have larger-than-a-child's size mitts).

Our hardware review.

PS3 "Uncharted 3" 250 GB Game of the Year Bundle

For the PS3 gamer who doesn't yet have a PS3.

This is Sony's latest hardware configuration for the PS3, with a new top-loading disc drive, a lighter body, and two USB ports. As far as bundles go, this one isn't bad, including one of the best games of last year, "Uncharted 3," while also throwing in a month of PlayStation Plus and some DLC for the free-to-play shooter, "Dust 514."

Sony recently sent along one of these new units and while the casing feels a little cheaper than older models, it also doesn't seem to get quite as hot as my old launch PS3.

Or, for $50 more, you could also pick up the "Assassin's Creed III" 500 GB bundle, increasing your storage space with some added in-game content, but it really all depends on how much storage the gamer in your life will be using with their new hardware.

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