Hulu Plus Wii U App Is Officially Up And Running!

When we first booted up our Wii U we worried that the wait for a functioning Hulu Plus app would be a long one. Thankfully, our worries have been put to rest as Hulu announced yesterday that their app on Nintendo's new console is officially up and running.

Much like the Netflix app on Wii U, Hulu Plus will take advantage of the GamePad by beaming down information on the TV shows or movies you're browsing through. Subscribers also have the ability to watch Hulu content right on the Wii U GamePad screen when they have to step away from the TV. While watching a video, users can also use the GamePad to view the timeline and edit options like captions and playback quality.

To get Hulu working on your Wii U you'll have to download an update, which can be done by simply launching the app from the Wii U home screen. I've spent a a little time playing around with the new app and I have to admit I'm starting to like it better than the Hulu app I've been using on Xbox 360. Shows are accompanied by screen-filling artwork and navigation is fluid and simple. The ability to browse for other programming while your watching a video would have been a great way to use the second-screen, but Hulu hasn't included the feature.

Hulu on the Wii U is also introducing the new Hulu Kids section. Here, younger members of the family can browse through more than 43 different series, including current season Nickelodeon shows, that will run completely commercial-free.

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