Upcoming Xbox 360 Karaoke App Will Charge Gamers By The Hour

Yesterday, Microsoft and The Karaoke Channel announced a new partnership that will bring a karaoke app to the Xbox 360. Rather than offering the game through a one-time purchase, Xbox 360 users will be asked to pay by the hour to use the new service.

The new karaoke app won;t require a download, instead streaming songs and lyrics to your TV from the cloud. Interested vocalists will be able to purchase "blocks" of singing time, granting them access to "a complete library of karaoke songs" containing over 8,000 tracks from numerous artists.

"As the owner of the world’s largest licensed karaoke library and karaoke service on TV and Internet, the KARAOKE Channel will combine its expertise with the advanced capabilities of the Xbox 360 platform from Microsoft to develop the best in-home karaoke experience ever," says Eric Boyko, President and CEO of Stingray Digital Group Inc. "Now anyone can access our vast library and sing in a fun and interactive way right from their Xbox."

For folks who'd like to give the app a try before commiting to the hourly fee, the Karaoke app will offer a rotating list of free songs. being a Microsoft Studios game, it;s no surprise SmartGlass will be making its way to the game as well, letting singers set up playlists while their Avatar takes to the stage.

No firm release date has been set for karaoke, but Microsoft says it'll hit the dashboard in time for the holiday season.

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