Nintendo Reveals Flame Red 3DS 'Super Mario 3D Land' Holiday Bundle

Looking to get your hands on a new 3DS this holiday season? Black Friday shoppers have a nice little Nintendo deal to keep an eye on if that's the case. Apparently Nintendo is releasing a special edition Flame Red 3DS and a certain Mario game is going to come with it.

Our first choice for the pack-in game would have been the coin-filled "New Super Mario Bros. 2", which recently received some new modes via eShop DLC. However, it turns out the special Flame Red bundle will instead come with "Super Mario 3D Land". On top of that surprise, Nintendo has decided to pre-install the game on the handheld, rather than including physical version.

Since launch, the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL have sold nearly 6 million units and it looks like Nintendo aims to move a few more during the holidays. Thankfully, they're being reasonable with the price tag, leaving it at the standard $169.99. Purchasing the game and the 3DS separately would typically set shoppers back another $39.99. Even though it may not be the deal of the century, you're still in for a good price come November 23rd.

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