MTV Multiplayer's 2012 Gift Guide: Gifts For the Xbox 360 Gamer

With the holidays just around the corner, we at MTV Geek want to help you out with your shopping lists! Here's our Official Xbox 360 Gift Guide!

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Care Package Edition

This one's for the gamer in your life with a little bit of extra space that you're willing to spend a little extra money on.

The definition of a special edition of a game, this version of "Black Ops II" comes with its own heavy-duty tackle box, the game included in a steelbook case, both the Nuketown Zombies and Nuketown 2025 DLC, and the game's soundtrack. Activision and Treyarch have curated a fine collection of material here (including some avatar items, if that's your thing), and while there's nothing as grossly excessive (and awesome) as the night vision goggles included with "Modern Warfare 2" way back when, it's still a fine presentation for the game.

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Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection

I stand corrected: this is a special edition. I'm actually surprised so many of these are still floating around out there, but you might want to snap one up before the holiday season rush.

The "Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection" is for that rare superfan of the series who doesn't have a lot of the collected contents here already sitting on their shelf. It includes not only the most recent releases from Capcom, but those games' DLC as well as digital downloads for all of the 360 "Street Fighter" classic titles. In addition to that bounty, the set contains soundtracks for every game included here, a fan art book, a pair of Blu-rays (oh, make sure they have a Bl-ray player) featuring the animated series, features, and a doc about the series' fandom, a collectible belt, and a statue of Ryu. And all of it comes in a lovely keepsake box.

Capcom has preserved 25 years of "Street Fighter" history with this set

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Soul Calibur V Arcade Fightstick SOUL Edition

Now maybe the fighting game fan in your life doesn't like to collect stuff, but they need--nay, demand--the right hardware to test their skills against their opponents. Enter Mad Catz's sturdy fightstick released alongside "Soul Calibur V" earlier this year.

While the latest iteration of Namco-Bandai's fighting series didn't blow our socks off, this heavy duty, branded controller did. Not only does it have a solid sense of weight, but it's stabilized with grips on the bottom and the actual joystick's rotation has some satisfying range of motion. The buttons are likewise responsible and there's even turbo controls and a little compartment for the USB cable out to the 360 for when you store it. That's actually the sole downside, I suppose: this is a wired controller, but you don't want to worry about any kind of performance delay anyway, right?

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Tritton Primer Wireless Headset

Do you have a 360 gamer in your life who can't seem to figure out where the rest of his or her squad is moving to in "Halo 4?" Maybe they keep getting taken out by the same sniper over and over and just can't seem to figure out where the shot's coming from. Or maybe they just want to talk a lot of smack, but seem resigned to doing so in the silence of their own game space.

Enter Tritton's wireless headphones which, in addition to a snug fit, produce a strong sound for both gaming and chat. While some of the premium headsets out there are seeming to do away with the conspicuous mic, Tritton is still rocking their flexible, responsive microphone which, in my time with it, seemed to pick up ample sound as I grumbled into it over the weekend about that stupid camper.

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Borderlands 2 Deluxe Vault Hunter Edition

What better gift for the obsessive loot collector in "Borderlands 2" than what's essentially a massive collection of loot from the game?

While the pricier, more comprehensive Ultimate Loot Chest edition seems to be clear out of stock, Gearbox/2K Games' Deluxe Vault Hunter Edition is here for all of your "Borderlands" swag needs. Besides the game, it also includes a hardcover art book, a bobblehead, DLC, a map of Pandora, stickers, and a code for a "Borderlands" comic book download.

Unlike the "Black Ops II" and "Street Fighter" special editions, the "Borderlands" release won't hog up quite as much space in your favorite gamer's area, with discrete pieces that can be displayed, however they see fit.

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Xbox 360 Limited Edition "Halo 4" Bundle

Finally, what do you get the 360 gamer who doesn't have an Xbox 360 yet? Every year, Microsoft offers up some variation of a console bundle and this year's ties into the sole major exclusive, "Halo 4." This 320 GB model and its two wireless controllers are all swagged out with art from the shooter, and like the "Halo: Reach" console from a couple of years back, includes sounds from the game when you turn it on and off or open the disc tray.

Besides the standard edition of the game, this bundle also includes download codes for in-game skins for weapons and armor as well as avatar content. (Of course, if you're looking to get something for the younger gamer, there's always the Kinect Holiday Bundle which includes the motion sensor, "Disneyland Adventures" and "Kinect Adventures" for about $150 less).

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