Nuketowngate Ends: Treyarch Returns Nuketown 2025 To 'Black Ops II'

After unceremoniously pulling it from the "Black Ops II" playlists yesterday, Treyarch has responded to fan outcry and returned Nuketown 2025--with a slight caveat, according to this post from Kotaku.

First, here's Treyarch's response last night via their Twitter feed:

That means Nuketown 2025 is available, but only in that particular playlist and not among the other hoppers in the game. Depending on your feelings about the map--its size and how well it accommodates teams, this might be good news.

Some fans are still a little put out and, if they're like me, confused about how this miscommunication got through the many, many layers of marketing flacks and gatekeepers at Activision, but thankfully it didn't drag on long enough to tarnish the launch of what's shaped up to be a very, very good shooter.

[Source: Kotaku]

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