'Super Hexagon' Dev Gives His Blessing to Cloner, Announces PC Release Date

By Joseph Leray

In a refreshing twist on the seedy underbelly of the iOS cloning scene, indie developer Terry Cavanagh (of VVVVVV fame) has given somewhat of a blessing to Open Hexagon, a slightly-tweaked, open-source version of his own Super Hexagon.

Canvangh’s Super Hexagon is a fast-paced action-puzzle game about navigating a spinning maze without touching the sides. The trick is keeping your frame of reference grounded while the maze spins around you and bright lights flash in your eyes. You’ll die a lot, and that’s ok. It’s available for $2.99 on iOS, but it started as free flash game.

Vittorio Romeo developed Open Hexagon as a open-source, freeware tribute to Cavanagh’s original, according to the game's Facebook page. "I want to make clear that the resemblance to the original game is very high, even if it's not an exact clone," a statement reads.

"I've credited Terry Cavanagh everywhere I could, and I don't want my game to be competition, but a tribute to his work. I got his permission to make a 'Super Hexagon-inspired game,' I just hope this is not stretching it."

The biggest difference between the two games is that Open Hexagon allows users to "manipulate time, patterns, parameters, display messages and even change levels using simple commands." This makes Open Hexagon a relatively easier game than the original, which was characterized by its difficulty.

For his part, Cavanagh doesn't seem to object too much to Open Hexagon: "I'm a little upset that he released it before I had a chance to release Super Hexagon on PC myself -- but I'm basically alright with it!" he wrote on Twitter. "I've just checked it out there, and it's not bad at all -- the harder octagon stage was pretty cool. I also like the death effect," he continued.

Cavanagh later linked to the game on his own blog, mentioning that "this is probably the closest I'll ever come to posting my own games on this site."

Open Hexagon is available for free, but Super Hexagon will be available on Mac and PC on November 27th.

[OpenHexagon via IndieGames.com]

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