'Hotline Miami' DLC To Add Characters, Story

Speaking to Eurogamer, "Hotline Miami" creators Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin, laid out some details about where they see additional content for the PC stealth action game heading. And apparently, we can look for even more top-down, bloody, morally-hazy action featuring new characters and storyline at some point in the future.

Specifically, according to Söderström, we should expect "a couple of different stories and angles." In "Hotline Miami," you play its possibly mentally unstable protagonist who accepts coded assignments left on his answering machine to kill other killers in the seedy underworld of 1980's Miami. Although its creators are pretty explicit about some of its influences in the piece, you can see where "Hotline Miami" has drawn inspiration from other sources like Michael Mann's 80's works, to "Twin Peaks" with its bent take on the neon-lit, sleazy criminal world in which it's set.

Along with "Dishonored," "Mark of the Ninja," and "Hitman: Absolution," "Hotline Miami" has made 2012 the year of the unconventional and exciting stealth game. The promise of more of this particular game is welcome news.

It's available now on PC and its creators are in talks about bringing it to the PS3 and Vita.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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