The Wii U Is Unleashed On The World Starting In The Heart Of NYC

Photo Credit: Anders Krusberg/AP Images for Nintendo of America

Last night was a monumental night for Nintendo. At the stroke of midnight, their latest console, the Wii U, was unleashed onto the public as the next generation of gaming began in the heart of New York City. Amidst a sea of real-life Mii’s hundreds of consumers lined up outside of the Nintendo World Store to be the first to purchases Nintendo’s newest console.

Joined by some of gaming’s most famous faces like Mario, Luigi, and Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, longtime Nintendo fan, and a celebrity in his own right, Isaiah TriForce Johnson was, yet again, the first person in the world to own a new Nintendo console. After almost a month of waiting in line, where the only thing that disrupted his stay was Hurricane Sandy, he finally finished his “journey” by purchasing a Deluxe edition Wii U, New Super Mario Bros. U, and ZombiU. He then swiftly headed home to play his games.

Photo Credit: Anders Krusberg/AP Images for Nintendo of America

While the console has now officially gone on sale around the country, it’s already in high demand, with multiple outlets selling out months ago only days after their presales started. For some people, waiting in lines like the one outside of the Nintendo World Store may be the only way to secure one this holiday season.

Coming in two different flavors, the Wii U is Nintendo’s first console to be released in six years, and can be purchased in two different models, the Basic which retails for $299, and the Deluxe at $349.

Photo Credit: Anders Krusberg/AP Images for Nintendo of America

Read our full review to find out what we think of the Wii U, and the potential it may hold for the next generation of gaming.

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