Five Wii U Games You Should Be Playing At Launch

New Super Mario Bros.

With the Wii U's launch finally upon us, anyone that was thinking about picking up the console has some tough choices to make. Do you get the Standard or Deluxe edition? Are you going to make a new Mii or transfer one over? Where are you going to put the console? Are you going to use Nintendo TVii? And so on and so forth... Regardless of the answers to all of those questions, the most important decision when picking up any new game console is always what game should you to get to go with it. Some consoles have much better launch line ups than others, and the Wii U's is actually packed with titles that should keep most gamers satisfied into the new year. If you're strapped for funds, and can barely afford the console itself, here are our recommendations for the five strongest releases for you to consider purchasing alongside your Wii U.

Nintendo Land

Nintendo Land

Whether you pick up the Standard or Deluxe Wii U, Nintendo Land is a must get. This console's version of Wii Sports, Nintendo Land showcases the Wii U's unique gaming potential across twelve different Nintendo themed games; everyone's here from Mario to the Octopus from the Game and Watch games. Offering a much more robust experience than Wii Sports, Nintendo Land should get gamers and non-gamers alike to understand just what kind of surprises the Wii U has in store for them.

New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. U

Was there any doubt that a new Mario game wouldn't make a list like this? New Super Mario Bros. U continues the tradition of the New Super Mario Bros. games in fine form on Nintendo's latest console. This time around Peach is held captive in her own castle, and Mario must traverse some of the most perilous regions of the Mushroom Kingdom to return to save his beloved from the horrible Bowser. As a nice bonus for everybody, Nintendo managed to get multiplayer right. Courtesy of NSMBU's unique Boost Mode, multiple people can play on the TV while whoever is using the GamePad plants blocks on the screen to help everyone out.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Bringing the creative joy of 5th Cell's wondrous DS games to the big screen, Scribblenauts Unlimited is the perfect example of how the Wii U's touchscreen can help expand console gaming. Maxwell and his magic notebook have hundreds of puzzles to solve and the only thing that's holding him back is your imagination. If you can dream it up Maxwell can probably use it in game somehow. Even if it's not in the game's database you can now craft your own objects and bring them into the game, even share them with your friends. Oh, and the Wii U version includes Mario, Luigi, Link and a bunch of other Nintendo characters for you to experiment and play with making this game a must have.


In ZombiU London's got a bit of a zombie problem, and you play as a series of survivors just trying to stay alive. The Wii U GamePad is your survival kit, inventory, and digital Swiss Army knife of the zombie apocalypse. The team at Ubisoft have done a great job of reimagining the zombie genre, allowing gamers to wake up over and over, reliving their game as a different character every time they die, and then giving them a chance to kill their previous self as it wanders the streets of London looking for brains. It's like Groundhog's Day meets ZombieLand, just with a lot less Bill Murray. With multiplayer modes, leaderboards, and a feature that lets you zombify your friends, you really can't go wrong trying to survive in ZombiU.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

Call of Duty: Black Ops II/ Assassin's Creed III/ Epic Mickey: The Power of Two / Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge/ Mass Effect 3/ Arkham City: Armored Edition

So, number five is a bit of a toss up. All of the other games on this list are Wii U exclusives, but this launch lineup includes some pretty great ports as well. While every game on this list does make use of the Wii U's unique hardware in some way, all these games are available on other consoles, and you might have already played them. However, that shouldn't discount the fact that some of these games are completely revamped (Ninja Gaiden, Arkham City), include bonus content (Mass Effect 3), or are just solid games in and of themselves. Regardless, all of these games are significant because they signify that Nintendo is trying not to neglect the hardcore gamers with their latest console, and are opening the flood gates for all kinds of games, even ones with lots of blood.

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