Nintendo TVii Won't Be Activated On Wii U Until December

Nintendo has been pushing the Wii U's Nintendo TVii functionality quite a bit and we assumed it would be included in the day-one update with other features like Miiverse, video chat and backwards compatibility. However, Nintendo revealed on Friday that the feature will not be activated until December.

“In December, Nintendo will activate this unique application that will transform how people find, watch and engage with TV shows, movies and sports,” Nintendo said in a statement.

Nintendo also said that other video services such as Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus will also become available, but it appears users will be waiting until after the initial launch of Wii U for these features as well.

"In the coming weeks, an array of favorite movies and TV shows will become available to Wii U owners on Amazon Instant Video and to Hulu Plus and Netflix subscribers. These services will also be accessible from Nintendo TVii."

"Wii U owners who have connected their systems to the Internet will receive a notification as each video application becomes active."

In regard to Netflix, it turns out the app will in fact be there on day one. Netflix told Engadget that the Netflix app will be available on the Wii U at launch, but it will not be integrated with Nintendo TVii until the first quarter of next year.

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