'ZombiU' Webcomic Charts The First Two Weeks After The Outbreak

It's called "ZombieU: Z-14" (link) and it's by former "Daredevil" writer Anthony Johnston and Ubsisoft's Interactive Story Designer Gabrielle Schrager, with art by Kev Crossley. I'm pointing it out because I think it has a clever gimmick, even if the first installment might not land as successfully as intended.

For the next 14 days (well, 13, with today's installment), "Z-14" will tell the story of the first two weeks post-zombie outbreak, one day at a time. Employing some clever scrolling effects to create depth and movement as you navigate down the page, the black and white comic doesn't quite nail it the first day out thanks to a jumble of fonts (it makes the work look busy), and a last panel that ends in the middle of a not-particularly cliffhanger-y conversation.

Still, I'm going to check back tomorrow and in subsequent days to see how it progresses. I'm curious how deep Ubisoft is going with the fiction for their zombie game.

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