Return To Morrowind In 'Dragonborn' DLC For 'Skyrim,' Then Ride Dragons

Bethesda has released more details for the December 4th DLC which will take "Skyrim" players back to the land of Morrowind. Want more shouts? Want to see more creatures and presumably get dragged into more intrigues? Then this is probably the expansion for you.

The story will see your voiceless heroine or hero facing off against the first Dragonborn in the land of Solstheim. I wasn't exactly clamoring for more history of the whole "chosen one" storyline in "Skyrim" (there were so many other, way more interesting political narratives strewn throughout the game), but I can't say I'm averse to getting more powers for my wee Argonian adventurer and even getting the ability to control a dragon.

"Dragonborn" is set for a December 4th release on Xbox LIVE for 1600 MS Points. No word on a PC or PSN release.

You can check out more screens below.

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