There's 'No Time Left' - The Final Episode Of 'The Walking Dead' Coming Next Week

The finale to what's been, in my opinion, one of the most emotionally wrenching games of 2012, is coming to consoles, PC, and the Mac next week. The fifth and final episode of "The Walking Dead" titled, "No Time Left" will see an end of our time with Lee and Clementine (one way or another).

For those of you who finished the fourth episode, the title has extra significance given how it concluded. Lee and his band of survivors are racing against the clock and who knows what they'll find when they encounter the mystery person or persons who've been plaguing them all this time.

While I'm less concerned about the curious, mid-series addition of this character flitting around the margins, I am curious/anxious/choose your state here about how the survivors will come through this. It's a zombie story, so it's hard to imagine many (if any) of them coming through it intact. Nonetheless, maybe Telltale will leave a slim enough margin for successfully keeping most of the party alive. Of course, that would probably be anathema to their whole M.O. of making you choose the least terrible of two awful options.

Episode five will come out first for the PS3 next Tuesday, with the PC, Mac, and Xbox 360 releases to follow on Wednesday.

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