Review: FPS Freek Analog Stick Extensions by KontrolFreek

We've come across a lot of accessories and peripherals that claim to enhance our gaming abilities, but a lot of these products are just gimmicks playing on hopes and dreams. However, once in awhile we come across something that could actually be beneficial. A great example are KontrolFreek's newest FPS Freek analog stick extenders.

I wouldn't dare sit here and tell you that buying set of FPS Freeks will turn you into the world's greatest gamer. I will say, however, that using these joystick extenders may have you moving and aiming a little faster while playing first-person shooters like Call of Duty.

The idea is simple, add length to the joysticks on your favorite gamepad and you'll also add a larger, more precise range of motion. FPS Freeks, like similar products from KontrolFreek, make adding this additional length simple. The set comes with two individual pieces that simply snap into place on the top of the joysticks. Just so happens I was lucky enough to get a set to try for myself.

The first thing you'll notice when you pull the FPS Freeks out of the package are the unique designs. The sets I received were titled Infinity and Havoc. The Infinity set is clearly inspired by the Halo universe, while the Havoc edition draws styling cues from Call of Duty. After staring at them for about 15 minutes, it was time to get my game on.

I'll admit that right off the bat I was a bit skeptical about adding nearly a half-inch of height to the analog sticks on my Xbox 360 controller. One thing I noticed immediately is how much farther my thumbs had to reach to get back on the joystick after punching an action button. I found myself knocking the side of the stick quite often before remembering I had to extend my grip a bit further. Thankfully, I got used to the new dimensions rather quickly and began to notice that something had changed.

I was playing team deathmatch and while my scores really didn't change that much, I noticed a big increase in my accuracy. I was making some pretty long shots, and I was doing it consistently. Sure, I could have just been having a good day (that happens sometimes), but I really feel like the FPS Freeks had a lot to do with it. They'll definitely be stuck to my controller for a long time to come.

If you're looking for even the slightest advantage these may be worth an honest look. And for $13.99 over on the official website, they won't burn too big a hole in your wallet.

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