FigurePrints Makes Minecraft Creations Real With 3D Printing

Sharing your Minecraft creations with the world can be done in a many different ways. Whether you create a video or snap some screenshots, it's fairly easy to bring others into your digital world. But what about bringing your virtual creations into the real-world? That's where FigurePrints comes in, using 3D printing to produce physical replicas of video game characters and landscapes.

Founded by Ed Fries, former VP of game publishing at Microsoft, FigurePrints got it's start when Fries saw an opportunity to combine his love of gaming with emerging 3D printing technology. The company uses high-end 3D printers developed by ZCorp that use inkjet technology to build full color high-resolution models.

While FigurePrints is plenty capable of printing detailed models, there are still some limitations to what 3D printers can do. Because of this Minecraft models must submitted for review before a final decision is made. Thankfully, if you submit a design that gets rejected, FigurePrints will send some feedback to help ensure your next submission makes it through.

The real limiting factors here seem to be cost and time. FigurePrints tries to keep the price around $100, but prices vary depending on the size of and details within a specific model. On top of that, bringing your creation from the digital world to the the real world can take upwards of a month.

If Minecraft isn't your thing FigurePrints also offers World of Warcraft character figures and will even turn your Xbox Live Avatar into a physical figurine you can keep at your side all the time. Unfortunately, if you want an Xbox Live Avatar figure, you have to act fast. Turns out Microsoft is doing away with the Avatar exporter used to create the figures at the end of November.

[via Wired]

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