Team Ninja Serves Up Bikinis And Bunny Suits In The Latest 'DOA 5' Costume Pack

Can someone explain the bunny thing to me? No, honestly, I'm curious. Are you into rabbits or the ears, or... (you're hot for rabbits).

Team Ninja has been fairly conservative in the designs for their "Dead or Alive 5" costume packs. I don't mean in terms of skimpiness, whatever opinion you may have of that. There's just not a lot of wild variation in styles or creativity. For instance, when "Tekken 6" was released, Namco Bandai commissioned famous manga artists to come up with alternate costumes for several of that game's fighters, very welcome deviations from the series' familiar styles. I kind of wish more developers would embrace that and "break" the cohesion of their existing style every once in a while.

You can check out screens and details for the new costume packs after the jump.

Let it never be said that Team Ninja didn't have a specific vision: an entire DLC pack devoted exclusively to bunny costumes for the female fighters of "Dead Or Alive V" is available now. The "Bunny Swimsuit Set" is a PS3 exclusive which will run you $7.99 on PSN, which bundles together the new "Angels," "Devils," and "DOATEC Divas" costume packs (each is available separately on Xbox LIVE).

On the 360 side, don't feel left out: the "Player's Swimsuit Set" collects the three "Player's Swimwear Packs" together for 1040 MS Points, or you can buy them separately for $4.99/360 MS points on PSN and Xbox LIVE.

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