Metal, Blood, And Doom In This 'Primordia' Trailer

You would think that living in an age where connected systems, actual government toppling hacks, body modification, and real-life cybernetic parts exist, we'd be drowning in white hot cyberpunk stories. But what was the last mainstream effort? The anemic "Syndicate" reboot? "Shadowrun Returns" may have a chance of keeping it real, as it were, as will CD Projekt Red's "Cyberpunk."

In the meantime, it's up to the indies to represent. In this case, "Gemini Rue" publisher Wadjet Eye Games and developer Wormwood Studios, whose "Primordia" will be making its way to PCs on December 5th. You can find the official synopsis after the jump.

Now the plot doesn't sound exactly like what comes to mind when I think of "cyberpunk," particularly with the absence of actual humans and hybridized humanity in the story. Maybe mech-punk? Metal-punk? In any event, here's the story:

What happened to the humans? Set in a post-apocalyptic world strewn with cast-off machines, Primordia tells the story of Horatio Nullbuilt, a stoic robot who values his solitude and independence. Horatio spends his days studying the Book of Man, sparring with his droid companion Crispin, and tinkering with the airship they call home -- a peaceful existence that becomes threatened when a rogue robot steals the energy source that the pair needs to survive. When Horatio and Crispin's search for energy brings them to the dazzling city of Metropol, the simple quest to recover their stolen power core leads to unexpected discoveries about Horatio's origins and a new understanding of the legendary humans who walked the earth before him.

You can check out a few screens for the game below. If you're so inclined to pick it up, "Primordia" is available for preorder now.

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