Walmart Offering Cheap Consoles, Cheap Games On Black Friday

The holiday season is nearly upon us and that means there are sure to be a ton of gaming deals cropping up in the coming weeks. Those of you ready to jump into the madness that is Black Friday especially have some good deals to keep your eye on. In fact, Walmart should probably be your first stop.

In a recent local ad, Wally World (that's what we call it in these parts) revealed a slew of promontional pricing scheduled for Black Friday. fearless deal seekers, brave enough to throw yourself into the riot that will take place after 8pm on November 22nd, have a chance to grab a 4GB Xbox 360 with the "Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure" starter pack for $149, a Wii for $89 or a 250GB PS3 with the Uncharted Dual Pack and the Infamous Collection for $199. Not bad, right?

In addition to those tasty morsels, Walmart is also offering up games including "Epic Mickey 2", "Modern Warfare 3", "FIFA Soccer 13", "NBA 2K13", "Borderlands 2", "Medal of Honor: Warfighter", and "Just Dance 4" for an easy $25 each. For $15 you can snag "Dance Central 3", "Max Payne 3", "Black Ops", and "Spec Ops: The Line". "Dead Island", "Gran Turismo 5" and a few more are getting cut to $10.

Are you heading out for Black Friday deals? What games are you looking to pick up at a reduced price? hit the comments and let us know!

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