Playable Vergil Featured In 'Downfall' DLC For 'Devil May Cry'

If the "Devil May Cry" reboot is largely about the origins of Dante, then it's at least in part about the fall of his twin brother, the scheming Vergil. And although the game features the sons of Sparda teaming up to fight the demons which have overtaken their world, Capcom is promising a DLC release in early 2013 which will show Vergil going down his own path.

"Vergil's Downfall," which will be priced at 720 MS Points/$8.99 on PSN and the PC (and free for those who preorder the game in the U.S. and Canada), will feature what Capcom is describing as the "untold story" of the character, featuring new enemies, locations, and weapons exclusive to Dante's brother.

The character was featured prominently in "Devil May Cry 3" as both an antagonist and ally to Dante, but chronologically, the two wouldn't meet again until the original "Devil May Cry" where Vergil is enslaved by the villain Mundus. Will Ninja Theory and Capcom maintain the same trajectory for the character here? Or will they break from the previous continuity and allow Vergil to walk the line between good guy and bad guy for a while?

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