'Halo 4' Spartan Ops Episode 2 Available Now!

Ready for another episode of "Halo 4" Spartan Ops? I certainly hope so, because Microsoft's own Major Nelson confirmed early this morning on Twitter that Spartan Ops Episode 2 is now officially available for all to enjoy.

Dubbed 'Artifact', the second episode introduces players to 5 new missions and, of course, a nice CG cinematic to get you on the alien blasting mood. Finding it couldn't be easier – just head to the Infinity menu, then to Spartan Ops and select Episode 5. You'll find the official synopsis and the teaser trailer below.

"The mysterious artifact recovered from Requiem takes control of vital systems on board the UNSC Infinity, forcing the Spartans of Crimson and Majestic back down to the planet to look for a way to free the ship. Commander Lasky and the UNSC need you, Spartan...get back in the game!"

Still haven't picked up your copy of 'Halo 4'? Check out our review and decide if it's the right game for you!

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