Four Against The Helghast In The Fan-Made 'Killzone: Intercept'

Destructoid picked up on this 15-minute fan-made short from Brian Curtin aka Infectious Designer based on "Killzone." "Killzone: Intercept" is set between the disastrous ending of the second game and the perilous opening of the third and follows a four-man ISA team (you know, the ones that don't look like gas mask Nazis) as they attempt to intercept a Helghast convoy.

The short is impressive for not only its attention to detail (I love the small futuristic flourishes in the prologue) as well as its production value and camera work. Sure, the camera has a little modern action movie bob of wobble, but the action is well-staged and most importantly, coherent.

Curtin and his colleagues were responsible for the parking lot lightsaber duel in "Concrete Hustle," and followed that up with the "Half-Life 2" fan film "Beyond Black Mesa" two years ago.

[Source: Killzone Blog via Destructoid]

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