'GTA V' Sports 3 Protagonists In Game Informer Cover Story

The December cover story for Game Informer is here and it shows the three leads for next spring's Grand Theft Auto V. The new leads, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, will be providing your POV throughout the expansive environments of Los Santos, according to the Game Informer story.

You can check out the full cover after the jump, along with a couple of details from the issue which you should really check out.

Among the big revelations: Los Santos will be huge, with a size dwarfing the combined square mileage of San Andreas, GTA IV, and the countryside of Red Dead Redemption. Presumably, the increased size of the environment--which includes undersea elements and woods along with the urban areas--are Rockstar's opportunity to get out of strictly telling an urban and suburban action story. If so, that would be great, although here's hoping they've come up with some new and interesting ways to get around (I always hated crossing the bridge out of the city into downtown in GTA IV).

There are other tidbits, including how the three leads will interact, how the economy works, whether relationships and romance will be part of the game, and character swapping, but again, I invite you to check out the good work that the folks at GI have done here.

[Source: Game Informer]

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