App of the Week: 'Angry Birds Star Wars'

"Angry Birds Star Wars" officially landed in the App Store today and after spending some time with the feisty flock turned Star Wars characters, we didn't hesitate declaring Rovio's latest our App of the Week. The game mixes the gravity defying gameplay of "Angry Birds Space" with the classic level design of previous Angry Birds titles and wraps it all in Jedi robe. Need I say more?

What I love most about Angry Birds Star Wars is that it follows the story of the original Star Wars trilogy, beginning with “A New Hope”. Obviously you won't see Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru burnt to a crisp at the moisture farm, but levels begin with Luke Skywalker (the red bird) running into trouble with some Tusken Raiders. For the first few levels the Luke Skywalker bird doesn't have his lightsaber, but once you run into Obi-Wan (the black bird) all of that changes. The Lightsaber ability, which allows you to slice up Pigtroopers and obstacles and deflect blaster fire, is pretty fun. However, Obi-Wan's force push, which you have a lot of freedom to mess around with, puts it to shame.

The initial Angry Birds Star Wars download, which costs $2.99 on iPad and an easy to swallow $.99 on iPhone, delivers 80 levels across Tatooine and the pig-shaped Death Star. Another 40 levels are available by purchasing Dagobah for $1.99 via in-app purchase. You can play the first Dagobah level for free and successfully completing all of them will allow you to forge a new lightsaber, which I'm guessing is green rather than blue.

Another new feature "Angry Birds Star Wars" brings to the franchise is the ability to level up your character. As you progress you'll be able to improve the birds' skills on the battlefield. If you're still on the fence about diving into the Rovio / LucasArts crossover, check out the trailer below!

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