Cargo Commander Drifts Onto Steam (Video)

By Joseph Leray

Perhaps you're rightly skeptical of yet another independently made, low-cost platformer -- Steam and iOS and Xbox Live Arcade are littered with them. Fine, but Serious Brew's Cargo Commander seems polished and ambitious enough to warrant a closer look.

Having been recruited by Cargo Corp., an interstellar salvage company, players roam the stars looking for loot and blasting aliens with a rivet gun. That's boilerplate stuff, but- the levels are randomly generated, the environments claim to be fully destructible, and the game keeps track of every players' progress concurrently, allowing you to loot the corpses of the dead engineers before you.

I may be overstating Cargo Commander's pedigree, but Dead Space meets Dark Souls seems like an accurate descriptor of the mechanics at play here, even if it exaggerates the scope of the game a fair bit.

The real kicker is the trailer, though: there's something about the vast emptiness of space mixed with the parenting subplot that really tugs the heartstrings. Cargo Commander is currently available on Steam for Mac and PC, with a nice 20% off discount thrown in for good measure.

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