Microsoft Pushes Xbox SmartGlass Support To iOS!

Thanks to a new update to the Xbox Companion app, SmartGlass has finally arrived on iOS. The update brings several new features to the app, including the ability to use your iDevice for keyboard input and gesture-style navigation through the Xbox 360 Dashboard and various apps.

In similar fashion to the previous version of the app, as soon as you open SmartGlass on your device your taken to streamlined Xbox Dashboard offering up five different tabs – Bing, home, social, recent, and discover. While navigating these menus you're able to select games or apps you want to run on your Xbox 360. However, users also have the option to switch over to the remote mode, which will let you swipe and tap through menus using gesture controls the way you'd expect. Your device can be easily connected by heading into your Xbox's console settings.

Obviously, you won't be playing games with your iPhone or iPad anytime soon (thank the heavens), but the app is great for things like streaming video and music. However, my favorite feature has to be the ability to use your iOS keyboard to input text on your Xbox. Ever since the text input switched over to the Kinect-friendly line of letters, it's been hell searching for videos, games and music. Needless to say, the new feature is a welcome addition.

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