Is Microsoft Making A Gaming-Focused Xbox Tablet?

Would you play games on an Xbox tablet? According to The Verge, "multiple sources familiar with plans within Redmond" have stated that Microsoft is currently developing a gaming-focused Xbox Surface tablet that will hit retail before Microsoft's next gaming console.

Microsoft has made it clear that they will move forward with the Xbox name as an entertainment brand that goes well beyond gaming. One recent example would be Xbox Music, which is available across several platforms other than the Xbox 360. This could mean that the 7” Xbox Surface tablet would just be another choice among Microsoft's other Surface tablets, possibly a smaller version meant to compete with Apple's already successful iPad mini.

According to the sources, the Xbox Surface would not run a full version of Windows, but would instead feature its own unique operating system. The report also claims that, like current Surface tablets, Microsoft would host manufacturing in it's own facilities rather than outsourcing the work to the factories that produce Xbox consoles.

Keep in mind this is all rumor and speculation for the time being. When contacted for a comment regarding the Xbox Surface, Microsoft unsurprisingly had nothing to say on the matter.

What do you think? Will the Xbox Surface be Microsoft's first real attempt at competing with the Wii U's GamePad controller? Are they just using the Xbox name to score more tablet sales? Share your thoughts, hopes and dreams in the comments section!

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