Watch Out For Ubisoft's 'Watch Dogs' In 2013

Ubisoft's paranoid surveillance action game is coming sometime in 2013, according to Joystiq, who attended today's earning call for the publisher. The futuristic, third-person title was announced and briefly demoed during E3, but in the five months since, Ubisoft has been pretty quiet about this particular title.

Also: a lot of you bought Assassin's Creed III! A total of 3.5 million of you, if you want to get particular about it.

That particular stealth action game might not have wowed this particular fan of the series, but Ubisoft did the good work of promoting in advance of its release and have pulled in some very healthy sales across the PS3 and 360 (the PC version hasn't been released). That means Ubisoft beat last year's Assassin's Creed sales by a full 100% against the lackluster AC: Revelations. We can probably expect another spinoff/pseudo sequel sometime next year if history is any indication.

The success of AC III should help defray the $41 million loss for the past six months which Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has attributed to the huge marketing spending they've done to promote the game. Plus, with all of the holiday releases on the way, those losses should likely look a little less rough going into 2013.

[Source: Joystiq via Gamespot]

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