Razer Kraken Pro Review- Bringing the Bang

Razer has made their name well known in the gaming sector over the years with many fine products from keyboards to sleek laptops. In fact, I'm using one of their headsets right now- specifically, the Kraken Pro. Quoted as "the most comfortable gaming headset" can the newest addition to the Razer brand live up to the claim and, more importantly, bring the boom to your ears?

I'll answer the first question with a simple yes. The Kraken Pro is probably one of the most comfortable headsets I've used. With its large and cushy foam ear cups, the Kraken fits very nicely over my Dumbo sized ears and the lightweight, plastic body keeps the set from feeling too heavy with extended gaming sessions. I'm not sure about your gaming habits but I pretty much live with a pair on all day, whether at work or play. After 10 plus hours, the Kraken headset feels almost nonexistant, save for a slightly sweaty ear. Another benefit to a full ear coverage is it keeps a good deal of the noise in while keeping everything else out.

You might think that the light, plastic body would make it feel "cheap" but the whole unit has a solid, well built quality that should easily handle abuse from the roughest gamers. The headset also grips firmly but not too tight, and has decent amount of adjustibilty for those blessed with a large noggin.

As for looks, you have two choices, black and this kinda toxic green color that's also found in their tri-snake logo. It's not much range but if don't want to look like an irradiated metroid attached itself to your head at least you have another option.

Ultimately, looks don't mean a thing if the headset underperforms. Thankfully, the Kraken provides the right amount bang for all your gaming and otherwise general listening needs. Razer turns it to eleven on the bass, as I heard plenty of the deepest, booming low notes from my games. In fact, I feel like the bass is specifically tuned just for gaming, because movies and music can sometimes come in a little too deep, needing a little adjustment on the user end. Still, the Kraken provides a clear sound even with chaotic games like, Borderlands 2 and Battlefield 3. Finally, there's a pretty cool retractable mic that has a crystal clear tune that works pretty good at only picking up your voice and not much of the outside world. Also, because it fits neatly back in the set, it won't be in the way if you just want to go out and about.

At $79.99 it's a bit costly, but if you're looking for a nicely constructed headset that has a silky sound quality that will service all of your gaming needs with the added bonus of being very comfortable, then the Kraken Pro is for you.

[Kraken Pro Headset provided by Razer]

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